Privacy Policy


We London Coaches locate in London and are responsible for protecting your private or personal data at the time of booking process. We ensure that all your personal data will remain secure under the regulations of data protection. They enlighten the user scope, nature and purpose of the collection and the use of private information by mini transport.

Transmission and processing of data by London Coaches:

London Coaches will process the personal data of the client only if it is important for the implementation, adjustment of agreement or establishment on the use of London Coaches transport or for the management services of the individual.

If you have subscribed to the London Coaches transport newsletter then we will check your data in order to send your newsletter. London Coaches transport use analytical tools to take information such as a number of users visit the website, accessed website name, which browse is use to download file and the span of stay etc., for making continuous improvements and development.

Transmission of data:

London Coaches  will transfer private data with the user approval and for the purpose of contract fulfillment to third parties. Additionally, London Coaches  will transfer on the required client’s personal data to the service provider of transportation who will drive the client.

London Coaches partners who are responsible to provide fulfillment and technical services such as newsletter email can receive some important data within the arrangement of data processing. In such circumstances, the transferable data will be restricted to the least obligatory. If demanded by law private data will be exposed to the state of intuitions and authorities. 

Rules of data security:

London Coaches consistently efforts to use all technical measures and suitable organizational to process personal data in a way that they are secure and can’t be used by all the above unofficial people. Basically, London Coaches finds out when the data security is fully assured and communicating by mail is safe. To send confidential information, London Coaches  suggests using postal service.